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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 20, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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not? good tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," are evil man eating butterflies gathering by the millions in preparation for a u.s. invasion? we'll show you one man's fins ss eaten alive by the ferocious insects. and how long did the vice president go commando to work before anyone noticed? >> i did it for 19 years. i have been lucky. and have drones become self-aware? why are they targeting people who do yow combo? who do yoga? we will get to the bottom of this. >> let's welcome our guests. she has more curves than a geometry book. i am here with fox business
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network reporter. there are curves in geometry, tracy burns. you can see her on "bulls and bears" on fox newschannel. my second favorite benson, guy benson, fox news contributor and town political editor. and another ugly sweater joining us tonight on the is up pell torso of -- on the supple torso of andy levey. and he has the legs of a drifter and the torso of a car. comedian tom shillue. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> give mow a -- give me a dirty look. earlier this week as the cafe in sydney was under siege, the # i'll ride with you became a rallying cry against raging, but unseen easy llama phobia. some lady named rachel jacobs reported that she witnessed a muslim woman silently remove her headscarf presumably out
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of fear. she said breathlessly, i ran after her at the train station saying put it back on and i will walk with you. the heart warming story with one problem. it is not true. i thought if i offered to walk her to her destination it would ep h. but none of those words came out. you are on near silent encounter was over in a moment. don't theng for a second that jacobs is apologizing. the piece is actually a long self-con grat law tore article about how wonderfully special she is for launching a preemptive strike against racism and bigotry. rachel's story has been made that a movie called "eel a ride with you --" i'll ride with you." here is the trailer.
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it had to end some time, tom. >> this was not even a surprise. when you read a story, any story that is a first person account it is always false. >> i don't believe any of them. >> anything with a hash tag. you know, obviously when i saw -- i saw this the other day and i looked at the hash tag. i looked it up to see what all of this was about. i read the story and said that's false and i moved on. i don't believe anything anymore. forget these twitter stories. i don't believe stories in law git mat publications -- legitimate publications don't care and don't check on anything. anything you are reading is false. >> i believe you, tom. tracy, it has been awhile. i know it is cold in here. >> it is good to be back. >> she is not calling herself a liar. she is basically like saying it is some kind of like do
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good storytelling that it is for the greater of humanity and therefore it is not really lying. >> then file it under fiction and call it a day. come on now. there was a time as a journalist when i filed a story, editors checked it and i had to fact check it three different times now. as long as you can blog you can write and it is ridiculous. it is putting a huge black mark on journalism in general. >> i don't think you should use the term black mark. can you just say a bad mark? >> polka dot mark? >> we willed dit it out of the -- we will edit it out of the show. however young guys like to be called these days, do you think they will be quick to follow it up? cnn did a whole story. will they get their shiny dome focused on this one? >> probably not. all of these stories are too good to check, literally. there has been three big ones in the last few weeks.
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you had uva or the the gang rape situation which was not apparently the situation you said. then the stock market whiz kid that made $72 million, but he didn't. and then this one. when they get exposed as lies you still have these people clinging to the narrative and basically arguing the larger truth is more important than the other facts. >> it is happening somewhere. there is a woman running frightened through sydney thinking she will be a victim of backlash, so this story is real even if i made this up. andy, go ahead and defend your hero, rachel jacobs, the hoaxer, the liar. >> absolutely. let me tell you why rachel jacobs is a hero. she made people feel good about doing nothing. you can't put a price on that. that is what the world needs. we all need to feel good about ourselves for doing absolutely nothing. in herpes she -- in her piece she wrote concession time.
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editorial liesing means giving your opinion. she concocted a story that was not true. it was something that never actually happened. i don't think she knows what she did here. she completely made up a story in which she was a hero, and now she says she thinks she is a hero for making up the story. >> she is a double hero. >> honestly, she should be locked up somewhere. >> you want her put away? >> who the hell knows what she is going to make up next? she is insane. >> dilutional too. she is quoted as saying she had a conversation with the woman with no words. >> didn't she say also maybe the woman was warm. >> she may not have even been muslim. >> was she even on a train in? >> it may have just been a long hallway. >> it was like you, greg, you say something and you just say
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or was that a dream i had? i think she woke up from a nap in which dreaming that you are on a train can be pleasant. >> it happens a lot. >> i think she had a dream she was on a train and this happened and she wrote about it. >> this is everything. every story you read about, people just make things up. we are living in an imaginary world. michelle owe bay you ma, did you -- obama, did you tell the story about her? >> people just imagine what is happening. she thought there was a racist thing happening in target. how many times do people ask me to get things off the shelf at target? it is ridiculous. >> because you are tall. >> when she told the story it was about how great it was she wasn't recognized as the first lady because somebody asked her to help get something off the shelf. but she was mistaken for an employee jie. she was dressed like magnum pi. did you see the shirt and the sunglasses? >> or magnum pi's partner, what is his name?
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is s it is going -- it is going drive me nuts of the her hoax is based on another hoax that there was going to be a backlash -- a huge australian backlash against muslims. and the people who are predicting the backlash by australians are exercising their own form of bigotry to the fact that a certain group of people will act violently. isn't that bigotry? >> after 9/11 they say what will happen. there was no backlash. there never is. >> i would like to invent a product called backlash. i don't know what it is. >> they are like eyelashes. >> or if you are into self-flagalation, it is a backlash. >> i have done that. >> i bet you have you sick [bleep]. that will be bleeped. >> no, it won't. >> it is friday, bleep night. it is an error not to air it?
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president obama, if that's his real name, says sony made a mistake by pulling "the interview." it is time for another edition of -- >> hello, everybody. well, all i want for christmas is to take your questions. sony is a corporation. it suffered significant damage. having said all that, yes, i think they made a mistake. i am sympathetic that sony as a private company was worried about liabilities and this and that and the other. i wish they had spoken to me first. they said something interesting about north korea and they decided to have the state launch an allout assault
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on a movie studio because of a movie staring seth rogen and james flacco. i love seth and i love james. but we will ray spawned. but whoa hillary spopped. >> he really is our fonzie. sony's ceo agrees that they made a mistake. >> did you make a mistake? >> no, we have not caved. we have not given in. we have persevered and we have not backed down. >> that man has not slept. meanwhile, obama's best friend, george clooney is trashing hollywood for being a bunch of scared, scaredy cats. gorgeous actor and may squash partner said they should not submit to the hackers demands and passed it around to the
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studios, but nobody stood up. clooney agrees with mitt romney saying stick it on-line and do what you can to get h -- get the movie out. we can't be told not to see something about kim jong-un of all people. >> i like doing that in reverse. >> you need all three angles. >> obama said we will resphond. how dowry spawned to something like this? is there an actual attack? >> he called it an assault. he called it a cyber assault. he pinned it directly on a foreign country and government and said we will respond.
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he said we won't say what we will do, but in due time it will happen. i hope he is right. i thought his statement was good on this stuff. but i am still trying to get over the sony executive. we haven't backed down at all? you have backed down in every conceivable way. what planet is he living on to say we have hung in there strong? no, you haven't, at all. >> it is a sad state of affairs from a business perspective. you are a business expert though we see no evidence. how devastating is this hack for sony? is sony going to be able to bounce back? they lost a couple billion bucks. >> they have bigger problems. the company is in disarray and the only thing going since the walk man is playstation. they are struggling. they should try to get rid of this and they have to start over. but they caved. i filed obama's comments in the i don't believe a word you say. what will he do?
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he will slap somebody on the wrist and say go practice now? >> it is hard to hack something without technology. you can't disseminate great pop culture to north korea if nobody can get it. it would be nice to bring back the walk man. it was attractive. you could make it into a pouch to put other things like your ipod in. >> it was better than the -- >> the disk man? >> yes. it was terrible carrying them around, but it was great with the cassette. it fit your hand. a disk in your hand is not comfortable, but this is. >> what is a cassette tape? >> somebody had guy or dude or man removed. >> you iewls have -- you always have interesting answers about what we should do. >> i know, but i don't in this case. who is to say the sony executive back down, maybe by
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showing the film it would be playing into the hands of the north koreans. we are giving them what they want. we are not backing down by not showing the movie. we are not gefg them -- giving them what they don't want, greg. is that possible? this is like chess. you have to think two steps ahead. >> what if i think three steps ahead of the movie? >> check meat there. >> what if somebody asked a follow-up question when he says i wish they cold me -- i wish they called me first. >> sony said they did. they said we did reach out to the white house. >> sewn intoe said they had numerous conversations with the white house. if president obama really thought this was very, very important why couldn't he pick up the phone and call the sony ceo? >> exactly. >> >> did he not out going phone service? sewn fee has a point when they say they are not the ones that
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yanked the film. the theater chains -- once the theater chains refuse to show it you have to distribute it. it is the cable companies that don't want to show it on their platforms. they at the least are saying they want to put the movie out, but they have no where to put it out. >> is that true? >> i think it is a cop out. i think it is a total copout. they could have thrown it to netflix or thrown it out there for free if you want people to see this movie and you care and you want to stand behind your decision and they cave to it. you don't want to have media companies going to the the what house for anything. the white house should not be involved in this process at all. >> i agree. i think the stuff clooney did was great. he was doing it before the move move -- movie got pulled. on friday you the sean penn issuing statements.
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it is too late. the film was yanked. >> is it too late for clooney too? >> he says he circulated a pizza and no one signed it. >> why doesn't he give his speech? >> he was on his honeymoon in naples. >> he is clooney. he shouldn't have to give a speech. if anything came by your desk from george clooney wouldn't you just sign it? expwhrie i have a whole pile of clooney correspondence. >> i did that and i ended up in a movie i wanted no part of. >> there is something worse than this whole caving into the the north korean hackers. the fact that al sharpton is going to insert himself and his panel guy into fixing hollywood in which he come peared to the 1950s. compared to the 1950s. every hollywood celeb bough --
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celebrity is black. >> that was from my producers. >> no it isn't. >> too good to check again. >> you have denzel washington and will smith and oprah winfrey and president obama, jay morgan winfrey. >> sam jackson. lawrence fish burn. >> tyler perry. >> tyler perry. kevin hart. chris rock. i could keep going. i just named all of hollywood. >> sounds like hollywood has a woman problem. >> that's true. >> i will say this about al sharpton, when he is in the news we can't escape this person. it blows may mind. this is a career extortionist this is a career grievance monger. this is the worst type of person and yet he is somehow -- they are jenuflecting.
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he said we will what they do. who are you? >> it is affirmative action for corruption. remember because blacks didn't have the opportunities the whites did they $didn't have corruption. whoits had their fair share. the kennedys weren't clean. teddy kennedy, white politicians and white leaders had their share of jerks. it almost makes sense you need an affirmative action for charlatans. >> corruption reparation. >> it wreaks of this all over. al sharpton needs a bringer. third he is always trying to get money for the organization. he will squeeze and squeeze so they shut up and go away. >> a great quote. i will read the quote. the quote is i spent a lifetime and no foreign
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dictator will take away the free speech. if they were upset more, wait until they see the movie we are going to make. that is a porn parody. >> he is getting into porn now, is he? >> this from a guy who did a commercial for astro glide. >> if sony put a prigger warning for brutal dictators nothing of this would ever happen. >> that was for ky yours and mine. >> you know, he is going to hell. coming up, thom shillue tells us what it is like to grow up poor. no, he wasn't are pooh. no, he wasn't poor. he was healthy. >> man spreading, was it a sexual practice or the name of my new funk band? why can't it be both?
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a snit on how men sit. i speak of man spreading, when guys sit with their legs spread apart. i guess like that. in new york's self-appointed justice crew -- crusaders, they are doing something about it. they are confronting space cases on the subway. >> man spreading, i am guessing that is the leg as i am doing like this? >> that was a perfect definition. >> the only reason my legs are open is because there is a bag between them. otherwise i sit regularly. it is annoying when people man spread. i have been the victim of a man spreading. >> brave journalism.
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show me more. >> have i ever thought i am taking too many seats? not really. maybe now i am. >> do you think you are man spreading? >> no. >> i don't think this is spreading. this is spreading. >> i see that two other people are sitting besides me comfort plea. i think that is the standard. >> a little smooshed. she may be slightly smooshed. >> you noy what is spreading sph bad journalism. >> it is like being married to an nfl player. because they are big and always licking your face.
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i'm sorry. tracy, can you imagine an interviewer asking women on the subways to close their legs? can you imagine that? >> no. >> is this the same thing. >> but, close your legs. it is like sexual harassment. i don't need to see the junk all the time. >> maybe it is because that's where the junk is. you can't totally close it. >> we can't tuck it up there like a weird super hero. >> speak for yourself. >> the old italians in the velour suits with the legs that should be illegal. >> now you have reached the actual point and i shift to tom. everybody they interviewed was safe they went to nice, polite, educated, noncriminal. would they go to a group of high school kids and say why do you play score music so loud? no they go blah! i will stab
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you. >> could they get any less manly guys? i have something between my legs -- >> yeah, i have the bag between my legs. >> women are out of control. they are out of control. i am talking about the specific college educated women who work at these blogs and they have the i'm mass skew -- immasculated boyfriend. the problem is not men spreading their legs, but it is the woman putting the bags on the saturday next to them. >> they take up so much space -- they put the bag down and give you a look like don't sit next to me. if a man sits next to me it will be sexual harassment. these dizzying broads.
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>> you are disgusting yourself, aren't you? you are disgusting yourself. you said that and thought, where am i? these women never -- i am talking about the bloggers. they have run out of things to complain about and they are making things up now. >> damn these bloggers. the problem is there is a sensible point that tom has caked over with craziness. what he is talking about, i think, or trying to say is that there are things you should get angry about. but bloggers modern journalists are frightened to confront certain issues. they shift their anger or interest on to things that are silly like this. >> this wasn't the "new york times" or "60 minutes." jay i got you. >> i did see they put together a slogan to cut down on this terrible practice.
12:28 am
it is courtesey is contagious. i didn't think it was the best because of my mass transit experience. >> on the subway there are a lot of contagious things. andy, please defend your heros like tom shillue. >> first i would like to disassociate myself from the masogany coming from mr. shillue over there. >> in his mind it was tough love. >> they are learning from me. >> you were explaining to them about man spreading. >> on the list of things that people shouldn't do, man spreading is not close to the top. you have people of all ages using phones and tablets. that is clearly the number one issue. those people should be locked up with the woman in australia.
12:29 am
pole leaning? those that lean against the pole on a crowded train? >> you were going to put your hand there. >> not letting people on or off the tray. >> i think they had a hard time doing this because they cooperate find guys that were really -- their legs were like that. i grew up in an italian neighborhood and nobody closed it. i am a victim. >> you are the real victim. they should have gone to your neighborhood. >> yes because a man spread in a velour suit will set you back. >> i'm, any last words? do you want to dig yourself further into the grave of masogany. >> i love with the girls are doing out there. i think they are a great gender. i love the girl. jay too many presents can ruin your chaild.
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just send them to me. prefer blee in cash.
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are too many toys bad for girls and boys? according to a new study parents who give their brats a bounty of christmas presents may besetting them up for problems as adults. researchers found those who
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receive rewards will continue to reward themselves as they are grown. andy would say this is problematic. they are more likely to define themselves as materialistic and have gambling problems and listening to maroon 5. you cording to the cdc more heart attacks occur on december 25th more than every other year. that's why i spend the day at the day spa. as a mother how do you decide when enough is enough? you have six kids, right? >> like 14. there isn't enough. it is christmas. this is a joke. if that is the case, get therapy on speed dial. my kids will be there. >> awesome. guy, you don't have kids, do you? >> no, but i am depressed listening to the teases. merry christmas.
12:35 am
kids are going to be gamblers and the other one shows you will drop dead of a heart attack next week. it is "red eye" style. >> just teach your kids to gamble better. they can make money for you and pay you off. >> have the good doctor. >> exactly. they can form the medicine. tom, you have kids. i encourage in the shaw -- tom shaw lou house they work. >> we get presents for christmas and santa claus brings them something nice. we try to keep it to a minimum. >> what is a minimum? >> a few toys as possible. usually their number one choice is off the list. >> you have to teach them? >> you are like really messed up today. >> and no eating in the car, but we can get takeout. my wife and i are eating in the front seat and they say
12:36 am
why can't we eat. we said when you can figure it out and eat without messing up my car they can eat in my car. but -- >> do you have quizes like that? >> sometimes i like to put a snack out. i say you can't eat it. they have to look at the snack like 15 minutes. >> he is not cigd. >> will power is a muscle. you can work it. >> you can share my therapist. they are gonna need it. >> they will be fine. >> andy, gifts for cats? >> whatever. >> i would like to say first of all to the shillue children if they are watching. in the future put the present you really want fourth on the list. >> that's a good one. >> i want to talk about has coronary thing. i don't buy it. it has more of women are
12:37 am
victims of domestic violence on super bowl sunday. some families hide them because they don't want to raw win the holidays. it is late christmas day and the presents are opened and everyone is happy. oh by the way we have -- grandpa died. >> he is in the basement and surrounded by the shrimp scampi. before we get to the next store, the idea that extra presents cause us, it is almost like the diet studies that look at movie popcorn, assuming you eat it every day. they say you spoiled him every day. that is science trying to make money. it is a shill for jacksonville. a group of amateur musicians show cased the florida city and maybe draw more visitors. it is better than anything the beatles did twiems 12. some say it sucks. what do you know?
12:38 am
hold your breath because it is about to be taken away. ♪ ♪ >> it is like "new york, new york" but better. the video, it may be a good place to visit, but you will not see jaguars. >> i have been to jacksonville. the video and the music vastly over sells it. that's not -- i had a wonderful time in chack sonville. what bothered me the most is the scroll at the bottom with
12:39 am
no punctuation. it is ungrammatical words. >> there are words put together that say usa, patriotism. it said love, but i love. that is my favorite part. >> i didn't think there was anything wrong with that song. i saw the news story and clicked on it. it is actually a catchy tune. >> i thought it was a pleasant song. >> you are making fun of. >> we are not making fun. >> this entire story is making fun of the video. >> no, we're not. you are a liar. i don't believe you. they are a group of amateurs and they seem to have nailed it. they are happy about their little town. they parade their boats and i think it is fabulous. reminds me of "the love boat." >> ♪ the love boat
12:40 am
>> yes. you were thinking of moving to florida and scwak sonville and do you have your list? >> just when you think it can't get worse there is a soprano sac solo. the biggest thing is it sounds like a two-lead vocals and then used the vocal track. it is just two people singing the same song so it is jarring. >> it is called jazz? >> it is called american jazz. i call it american jazz. stop. you are embarrassing yourself. my good. >> it is amateurs trying to do something for themselves. >> this is an elitist panel. >> and how about the same dance moves? >> did anybody grow up with lawrence welling. he was a professional. i wanted to kill myself.
12:41 am
>> remember, you have to go back to that era. we didn't have choices. we were forced to watch stuff. we may have had uh 23*, channel 44. it was crap. >> it was "american bandstand." >> for every "american bandstand" there is a heehaa. all i know is you had to play guitar. roy clark can play guitar, but i didn't understand. i didn't get it. i didn't get the humor. >> old american fun. >> are you doing it without laughing? >> i love laughing. this is what you did when you visited grandma on a sunday. one point before i go, time to lose the suffixes on cities. you don't need bills. you don't need towns.
12:42 am
don't call it allentown. call it allen. we know it is a bill. why can't we save on letters and signs and say we are going to jackson. >> you should change it? >> you hate jews? >> what does have -- it has to do with? >> it is time to take a break. sexy women when we come back. ♪ a city that is always growing ♪ ♪ it is a melting possible you can say ♪ ♪ many have come ♪ many have gone. there are those who come to say. ♪ and
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her hotness is finally being recognized. people magazine announced that kate upton is the sexiest woman alive. she is known for being congressman fred upton's niece and nothing else. except at the honor of the awards which is like the oscars, but important. >> it is a sexy honor because sexy means somebody who is confident and happy and that's who i strive to be. >> i'm, so, so, sorry to my 18-year-old brother. poor david. you're welcome, justin. >> i didn't know they had
12:47 am
awards for this. no word on who will be people magazine's sexiest woman deceased. but i am hoping it will be helen of troy. tracy, as a sexy woman, do you buy this choice? >> she is hot, yes. but here is the thing that bothers me. people try to say she is curvatiious. she is hot and slim, but maybe she shouldn't speak in public anymore. jay do you agree? >> with her? yes it is objectively hard to disagree with that. based on science. >> you are a truly a man of passion. >> yes, based on science she is sexy. >> we have run the numbers. >> we have run the numbers and she comes in at a 9.99. tom, do you find women, sexy or are they some kind of foreign creatures you cannot understand? >> i don't know about her.
12:48 am
she is kind of pretty, but i don't think she is sexy. she doesn't do it for me. >> i'm sure she is heart broken. >> you have alienated most women during this already. >> it is okay. women and i have a great relationship. i don't think kate upton is -- she is no katherine bell. >> oh, you like katherine bell. you and i have similar taste. the sexiest for me is melanie laurent. did you ever see "room of death"? did i dream that? she is stunning in that. is this sexist? >> no, it is okay in this case. i am being told, the producers are saying people magazine -- they say after what tom said people magazine is rethinking giving the thing to kate upton. >> kate upton is cute, i guess. >> that's it, she is cute. >> kidding, she's hot.
12:49 am
allison bree was robbed. >> she is no medical me -- melanie lawrence. >> melanie lawrence is good looking. >> it is in the sexist because they do the same thing for men. >> here is my thing. they say sexiest woman alive as if you are not going to include the dead. what they should do, bigoted against dead people. >> i prefer the dead. >> that would explain your basement. >> that is your new motto. tom shillue, i prefer the dead. >> you know they ask that question if you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive i would say dead! they say just the carps. just the corpse.
12:50 am
all right, coming up,
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hey what are you doing? i was thinking about taking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. our annual new year's eve
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returns. it is called 2014 goodbye bad year. it is 9:30 p.m. pacific. will smith, pink floyd and the original cast of "the electric company." >> last story. that's the last story. >> merry christmas, more like merry split less. they were forced to remove their holiday decorations after people complained. hair beer house -- harbor house in san pedro -- >> dank. >> what did i say? >> dark. >> they painted santa smoking a blunt and prosy with a pill bottle. kids walk by that place all the time. as soon as the store's owner got word of it he had the paintings destroyed. i don't know, tom. were they that awful? >> santa claus -- kids go by and they will see santa claus.
12:55 am
they see it is a pot dispense re. >> how old are you kids? >> 8 and 5. so mine are teenaged they know exactly what santa is doing. it is terrible. they crossed the line. >> how else will you sell pot to kids? >> you claim to know about business? >> and by the way, tracy, you thought you -- you always talk about the free mark cet. and -- market and now you want to regulate santa and pot? >> that is hipocritical of me. that being said, it is not frosty. >> at the don't call him frosty. >> thoughts on this. what does science tell you? >>y consulted during the break and we are not offended by this. it is not peer pressure. if santa is doing it then santa lives in the north poll and is married. they are not modeling their
12:56 am
lifestyles of on santa. >> if it was fonzie it would be cool. >> or elsa from "frozen." >> and santa does everything. he uses every product. >> that's how he sells cars. >> that's the thing. it would have made more sense showing him doing meth. he has to uh assemble toys and go from house to house. >> he is the face of coke. we are doing a family-oriented show. i have to agree with tracy in the sense that potheads are only going to be able to make pot more acceptable if they make pot humor. you don't need a drunk santa paibting. painting. potheads and pot sellers haven't reached the point of responsibility. that does it for me. boy, did that end on a dull note. tracy, andy, guy, tom, me,
12:57 am
that's me. have a good night. see you in the morning. i will be staring at you over your bed if are you lucky. 5kyvñ
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attention because this is now a national cyber war. >> hello, i'm eric, along with dana, kimberly, bob and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president obama delivered what should be his final remarks of 2014 a few hours ago. the president then took questions from the press, he only took ability questions, some say the president ignored television reporters because he didn't have the more severe push back his comments may create, just before getting -- the topics were north korea hacking sony, the normalization of relations with cuba, the keystone pipeline and race in america, and a couple of


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